Channel partner payments streamlined

DTS is now paying channel partners faster, and we are providing greater access to detail showing how payments are calculated, with partners now able to log in to view payment history and client totals 24/7.

Our payments are generous, and the process required to receive payment is now very simple.

These improvements come as part of our latest release of Direct, our all encompassing user portal, which our development team continues to add features to on a weekly basis.

The Process

Each channel partner now receives an email each month notifying them that commission totals for the most recent completed month are available to view.

DTS Rebate email demo

The link above takes partners to Direct, where they will see detail similar to this:

DTS Rebate demo

Our partners are then able to easily review totals, ensure they are correct, then invoice DTS for the total shown.

If you would like to know more about DTS’s channel partner program, please email and one of our team will be happy to run you through the program.


Brendan and Bob

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