Direct release notes – 18/02/2016

Hi all,

the first release of 2016 for our user portal “Direct” has been applied, so here is a bit of a rundown on the new features.

We are continuing to focus on adding functionality and visibility for our end users, and this week we have specifically focused on our channel partners.

Verse IP Telephony commissions

If you are a DTS channel partner receiving commissions for voice sales, you can now log into Direct and see a report detailing voice commissions owed to you for a given month and detail on which clients have contributed to that total.

commission-detail-customer-portalThis view provides detail on:

  • Monthly breakdown of total voice commissions owed to you
  • The currency commission is in (relevant for partners referring business to us in both NZ and Australia)
  • Whether or not the amount shown has been paid
  • Which invoices have been included in the total, and which client each invoice relates to

The view below shows our internal view when accounts staff are looking to see how much voice commission is owed to a specific partner. This improved visibility and reporting will ensure commissions are able to be paid efficiently and on time as our sales continue to scale.


Please note that all current procedures remain in place, but this portal gives a shared view of how commissions have been calculated and payments made.

It is our intention to add internet commissions to Direct within the next 3 months, and we will keep you posted on progress.


Brendan and Bob


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