Direct Release Notes – 19/08/2015

In this release, we deliver 2 new features, please find the detail as below:

1. Change Control Request for managed infrastructure clients

DTS can create and send change control requests to clients where the client owns the infrastructure and has requested DTS to make a change on their behalf.

This is an extension of our own internal change control process where any changes to our own network need to be approved internally before being carrier out.


Once the change control notification is created by a DTS staff member, the clients nominated contact will receive a notification email and can then go into Direct to approve it, decline it, or request that changes be made and the request re-submitted.


If a client provides feedback on the change control request inside Direct, DTS support will be notified.


2. Security information exchange for all customers

We often need to exchange sensitive information with clients, this tool is designed to allow this to happen within a safe and secure platform.

Within this tool, clients can input confidential information and set an expiry period, then use the secure link we generate to share the information.

2.1 2.2

If you have any questions regarding these new features, please email

Kind regards,

Bob Sun,

DTS Developer

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