Direct release notes – 24/03/2016

Hi all,

a new release is out for Direct, this time focusing on invoice visibility.

Pleae note, we will continue to send you invoices each month, this feature is in addition to that process.

In the Accounts Details page of Direct you will find an invoice section, this has now been updated to present the options shown above, which are:

View – shows a summary of charges for the period selected.

Download – allows you to save an invoice in PDF format to your computer.

1.View all invoices in customer account page

Download Option

This wil allow you to download any invoice of your choosing as a locally saved PDF.

3. download invoice and view pdf

View Option – presents a summary of charges

2.view invoice detail

These options have been added to give you immediate access to billing records and payment information 24/7.

If you have any questions, or need access to Direct, please email


The DTS Dev team

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