Planet Labs connecting with DTS in NZ


Planet Labs

This San Francisco based startup is launching a large numbers of small satellites for customers that need frequently updated high-resolution imagery, and have already raised $52 million in second-round funding.

At DTS we have been lucky enough to secure contracts with some exciting ventures over the years, whether they be film companies, visiting royals, or in this case – the successful launch and delivery of Flock 1, the largest constellation of Earth imaging satellites and the most spacecraft from a single operator to have ever been launched together.

That is what Planet Labs achieved on the 12th January 2014.

In their own words, Planet Labs Inc. is “a purpose-driven space and information company based in San Francisco, California, Earth. The company operates Earth imaging satellites to image the entire planet at an unprecedented frequency – collecting data and insight to encourage global action. Planet Labs aims to provide universal access to information about the changing planet to enable both commercial and humanitarian applications.”

The size of two loaves of bread, these tiny satellites will produce unprecidented imagery.

A close-up of Planet Labs’ Dove 2 Earth-imaging cubesat

With a fleet of relatively small satellites (about the size of a three litre milk container) in relatively low orbits, Planet Labs will be imaging the whole globe at high frequency, producing an unprecedented data set that will unlock huge commercial, environmental, and humanitarian value.

DTS will be providing Planet Labs with fibre connectivity at their New Zealand ground station, based outside of Invercargill. From this site, the company will send received data to their international headquarter servers, a process that requires high speed committed upload capacity with minimal latency.

You can follow Planet Labs on Twitter @planetlabs to keep up with news on their exciting project. And if you would like more information on the technology DTS is using to meet the unique requirements of client’s such as Planet Labs, please feel free to email us at

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