Verse IP Telephony Brown Out Period

Please note below the DTS Verse IP Telephony ‘brown out’ for phone number porting during the Christmas and New Year period for 2013/2014.

FYI: A brown out is a temporary suspension of installation and new network setup processes commonly implemented over the holiday period by most carriers and service providers.

All phone number porting requests for Verse systems (with all details supplied correct and complete) need to be lodged on or before Wednesday, December 11th. As porting
will normally require 7 working days to complete, porting orders lodged on December 11th will be actioned on December 19th, 2013.

After Thursday, December 11th, porting requests can still be submitted to DTS, but no porting will be scheduled until Jan 6th as this is the date on which porting services will
resume following the holiday brown out period.

Many thanks.

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