Issue with Australian inbound and outbound calls (Resolved)

Updated at: 14:47 2017.11.16

Vendor advises that the issue is resolved, any further issues please contact DTS support

Updated at: 13:50 2017.11.16

Vendor has identified a hardware problem and has advised that they may have up to a 10 min outage to calls in Australia.

Updated at: 12:15 pm 2017.11.16

The current issue we are experiencing with inbound and outbound calls in Australia is still being investigated by DTS and Vendor engineers.

Updated at: 11:32 am 2017.11.16

Dear Customers:

Currently, we are experiencing an issue with Australian inbound and outbound calls.

DTS and Vendor engineers are currently working to resolve the issue. No ETR and next update in 30 minutes

Sorry for any inconvenience that may cause!

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