A large fibre cut in the lower North Island (Resolved)

Updated at: 10:40 pm 2017.11.06

Fibre has now been repaired. DTS/vendors have added an extra alternative path.
Awaiting confirmation of fibre repair.

Updated at: 5:20 pm 2017.11.06

DTS and vendor engineers have now implemented changes to improve service.
Fibre repair still planned for 6pm

Updated at: 3:00 pm 2017.11.06

Fibre repair is scheduled for 6 pm tonight, time of repair completion is unknown.
DTS and vendors are still investigating alternative solutions in meantime.

Updated at: 11:58 am 2017.11.06

Currently working with the vendor to restore service to normal.
Also looking into traffic management to improve current service. No ETR

Updated at: 8:54 am 2017.11.06

Dear Customers:

Due to a large fibre cut in the lower North Island, some customers may experience loss/slow down/intermittent packet loss of some services.
Currently no ETR on the restore of the fibre.

More updates to come, as they’re available.

Sorry for any inconvenience that may cause!

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