A better broadband experience for New Zealand businesses

About DTS

DTS’s key mantra is that we have to maintain shared capability across New Zealand and Australia. Whatever we can sell to a customer in New Zealand has to also be available via DTS to them in Australia, and vice versa.

We are a seamlessly integrated business focused ISP that has been operating on both sides of the Tasman for over ten years, and through a mixture of organic growth and acquisition, we have grown rapidly over that period.

Now, with a network consisting of 25+ points of presence, we offer direct access to our clients in every city across both countries.

Want NZ services sold to you by our Australian entity in AUD? We do that. Want Australian services sold to you by our NZ entity in NZD? We do that too.

Wholesale or retail, SME’s or enterprise, New Zealand or Australia, we have it covered.