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4G Fixed Line Fail-Over

Hi everyone,

By popular demand, DTS has officially launched our brand new 4G Fixed Line Fail-Over service, now available in both Australia and New Zealand!

What is 4G Fixed Line Fail-Over?

As your backup connection to your main fibre/wireless or copper service, 4G Fixed Line Fail-Over will be delivered via a cellular network on a completely diverse path to traditional fibre/copper networks to your office.

This is a great alternative to traditional backup internet connections that won’t require significant capital or recurring costs to have live in the background, and when in use it will retain the IP address that your primary internet connection uses, so any mission-critical services will still continue to operate in a fail-over state.

Why should I have it?

Ever experienced a fibre cut? Has a contractor ever accidentally dug up your internet connection? Have you had an outage with your connectivity that has severely disrupted business productivity?

If you’ve answered yes to some or all of the above, then this should definitely be of interest! The majority of businesses nowadays rely on their internet connectivity to operate and if your connection is down, productivity can potentially grind to a halt as a result.

What do I need to do to get it?

If you are interested in learning more about how this will work for you, and to discuss your options, please get in touch with your DTS account manager or by contacting DTS sales via email sales@dtsanz.com or calling 0508 387 669, option 1.

Owen Hough
Australasian Sales Manager