A better broadband experience for New Zealand businesses

Changes to DTS’ Core Network and Service Enhancements

Here at DTS we are constantly striving to make improvements to our core network that enables us to deliver agile and robust high-speed internet connectivity, as well as an extremely stable voice platform delivered at a great price that our customers can take advantage of.

Given Gbps capable connectivity is now widely available from the local fibre companies it is extremely common that our clients are inquiring about the maximum speeds available to them, and in the voice space whether we can deliver a managed softphone service or a platform that integrates their physical phones and softphones together.

However, we’ve had to look under our own hood to make sure we’re prepared to deliver these services seamlessly and in turn, we’ve made some massive changes over the previous 18 months (some of which I’ve covered off on previous posts) that we’re extremely proud of.

This has required us to underlay a significant reinvestment in our core infrastructure to ensure we can deliver the latest products with ease, as well as preparing ourselves by future proofing our core network so we are ready for any new products (think 10Gbps UFB fibre) that are on the horizon…

With that said, we’re excited about these developments and I wanted to bullet point a few recent changes/improvements we’ve made:

  • 10Gbps backhaul ring between AKLD/WGTN/CHCH with physically diverse redundant paths now live, as well as 10Gbps interconnects between core routers.
  • The launch of our new centrally managed voice services VSP (softphone platform) and VRS (our executive assistant service).
  • Virtual Services (such as radius servers, DNS etc..) are now balanced between sites.
  • Newly improved environments for both our voice and data platforms, allowing for greater network redundancy and capacity.
  • Enhanced international calling controls (fraud management and prevention).
  • New version upgrade of our Direct portal implemented that allows us to apply any reporting additions and improvements with more ease, as well as any bespoke client reporting requests.
  • Core router and system upgrades completed with recent versions applied, as well as implementing Undergone the power redesign of our Upper Hutt Data Centre to eliminate any points of failure.
  • We’ve increased the size of our technical support team that allows us to run a tiered support structure, as well as providing our clients with greater business hours support coverage.
  • Removal of all dated equipment from our core network.

Whilst we are still growing at a rapid rate we remain committed to ensuring that the services we provide to our clients are of the highest quality going forward and hope that you continue to enjoy the products and services we provide to you now and into the future.

Owen Hough
Australasian Sales Manager