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VRS has launched!

Exciting news and more information from the DTS Technical Team!

Those receiving our invoices will have seen a recent attachment describing our new VRS product, short for ‘Verse Reception Service’, which, I am proud to say, is now officially launched!

How VRS works

VRS offers customers a fully trained team of service representatives to help cover any communication shortfalls your business may be struggling with in terms of incoming or outgoing calls (such as receptionists, after hours messaging, debt collection etc). You’d probably outsource a lot of that elsewhere if you could – and now you can without breaking the bank!

VRS is cost-effective

Hiring a contractor or another employee to complete small or short-term tasks can be costly, which is where VRS can ‘plug the hole’ and ensure your business operations are performing to their optimum without those large extra overheads.

The information the VRS team collates from each caller is very precise. You’ll know exactly who called, where they called from, what they were calling about, how best to contact them etc. And if our VRS team can’t contact you, they’ll send you an email outlining the same information in detail. Brilliant!

VRS also comes with a dashboard giving you an easy-to-read breakdown of your incoming/outbound calls such as: by department, call duration, average call handling time and many other records so you can easily track call trends and types from month to month.

A solution that works for you

Key to all this is that we’ll discuss your situation so that together we’ll have excellent knowledge of your inbound/outbound call requirements. Then, when we come to set up and deliver your VRS solution, it will be tailored to your unique business requirements and will be easily scalable and adaptable if your needs change.

Every business occasionally has a “pain point” they’d love for someone else to deal with on their behalf. If that’s you, get in touch and we’ll discuss what VRS can offer, along with which of our range of plans could best help take that pain away.

Contact us to find out more

Contact the DTS sales team by calling 0508 387 669 (Option 1) or emailing sales@dtsanz.com.

Owen Hough

DTS Australasian Sales Manager