A better broadband experience for New Zealand businesses

Thank you. You’re in good hands with DTS


As DTS Managing Director I strive to be ever mindful that without our customers we wouldn’t be here and there’d be no point in what we do.

DTS is going from strength to strength in terms of growth and turnover with March and May this year being our best months ever. So I’d like to pause and take the opportunity to thank you all for your loyalty over the years (or weeks if you’re among the many who have recently joined us).

We value those who have chosen us and reflect this by working to have a truly customer-focused business culture in all that we do. We also constantly re-invest company profits into more and better infrastructure (routers, hardware and connectivity – things with flashing lights and cables that make the Internet go) so we can continue to provide the most modern and seamless service possible. Our extensive redundancy, backup and automatic failover systems mean our service is always reliable and your data with us is safe.

Our network is indeed robust, but our commitment to our customers is that we will continue to implement the very latest technology to ensure it is always ‘state of the art’. We have also committed to developing more and better tools our customers can use at our web interface to manage their connectivity and accounts.

Recently we have employed three new staff to meet growing demand and three more will be added next month to add to our growing voice and technical infrastructure. Our first priority with all new staff is always that they are up to speed with our customer-focused ethos.

So great things are happening at DTS and we’re glad you can be a part of it. You’re our most important asset and you’re in good hands because excellence is good for everybody.

Thank you.

Steve Ritchie
Managing Director