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Your Internet Connection Is Important Now, isn’t it??

Your Internet Connection Is Important Now, isn’t it??

By now, most people know what UFB Fibre is, and for those who
live and work in metro areas throughout New Zealand, there’s an extremely good
chance you’re already using it.

UFB Fibre is immensely popular as it offers a range of high
speed connectivity options that cater to regular consumers and businesses of
all shapes, sizes and budgets.

UFB Fibre also allows us to run more services over the
internet than even before – Think your phone lines, streaming Netflix, + so
much more.

It’s safe to say we are living in an age where our internet
connection quality, both at home and in the office, is more important than ever,
especially with more businesses adopting a ‘hybrid’ office/home working
environment nowadays. 

This also begs the question: Having a decent internet
connection, both at home and in the office, is quite important nowadays, right?

If you ask me, the answer is a resounding YES! Why? Your
internet connection is a powerful tool with the ability to do some amazing

However, if your connection were to go down, it will likely
spawn a domino effect where it impacts other services that rely on your
internet service to work, and if there’s no quick restoration in place, it can have
some serious consequences.

Focussing on UFB fibre, there are a bunch of different UFB
fibre variants in the market place that you may or may not be aware of, but
there are some key differences that you, the customer, need to be aware of when
assessing what type of connection is the right fit for your home and business.

Without boring you all via one epic novel, I’m going to be
covering off the different UFB classes over the coming weeks, via separate
posts, in what I hope will be easy to understand.

The aim is to give you a deeper understanding of what the
differences are between each UFB service so you can make the right call when
considering the best fit for your home or business with your internet provider
of choice.

Owen Hough