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Unplanned outage affecting Wellington (Resolved)

Updated at 05:31 am 2019.04.08

This Unplanned Event has now been resolved. Please power cycle your premise equipment if you are still experiencing a problem.

Updated at 04:42 am 2019.04.08

DTS engineers moving traffic to other devices in network. Connections restoring now. If still experiencing problems please reboot end equipment.

Updated at 03:06 am 2019.04.08

DTS engineers currently working on moving traffic to other network devices. Engineers on site still for both local and remote support.

Updated at 01:19 am 2019.04.08

DTS Engineers now working on temporary work around. Now moving traffic to other devices.
Next update at 2:30 am.

Updated at 12:05 am 2019.04.08

DTS Engineers also on site. Engineers ate also working with vendor support engineers to resolve issue.

Updated at 10:26 pm 2019.04.07

DTS is currently working on the issue which has now been localised. A restore plan is now being worked on.
next update in at 23:30.

Updated at 08:51 pm 2019.04.07

DTS engineers still investigating, currently dispatching engineers to site to investigate further.

Updated at 08:49 pm 2019.04.07

Currently there is an unplanned outage affecting Wellington. DTS engineers are currently investigating.
Next update in 30 minutes.